What Are The Top Blood Tests To Assess Heart Disease?


 The Top Tests To Assess Heart Disease Risk

A question that we get in the clinic, often, is "What tests will show my risk for heart attack, stroke, or other vascular disease?" Yet, while I don't believe there are one or two single markers that can show if someone has heart disease or not, there are five important markers that most people should educate themselves on to complete their healthy eating and exercise habits.

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Saturated Fat Or Sugar: Which Is Worse For Your Heart?


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For 50 years, saturated fat--found in meat, butter, cheese, and many baked goods and fried foods has been demonized as the no. 1 dietary villain in cardiovascular disease (CVD). Yet decades of research show that sugar is actually even worse for the heart than saturated fat.

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Should I Take Aspirin To Decrease My Cardiovascular Risk?


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A common question that I get in the clinic and from friends is, "should I be taking aspirin or not?" as it pertains to decreasing their risk of heart attack or stroke. 

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